Bangkok Day II.

*Edited: new videos uploaded*

Continued from: *Bangkok Day I*.

We sat off early morning
for a 2-3 hour journey
out to Damoen Saduak floating market
following a tour group for only S$33 per person.

We managed to convince
the tour guide to stop us
for the elephant rides for half an hour
which cost us 2000 baht for the ride.

Hmm Ive forgotten to put a border on this one. -_- ah. fuk it. ;p

Initially we had a guide
sitting in front of us
and then he got down and left us alone
on the elephant to take pictures
which i obviously freaked
because the elephant could go berserk anytime
and tip us over!

I was so paranoid. -_-

There’s even a video I taped
but I cant seem to get it uploaded on YouTube,
so I guess pictures will have to do.

They took us around the jungle
and even into the river!

Which i also have on video
and also cant get it uploaded. -_-
but it was so bloody worth it
for the experience!


Just got the video uploaded!

*Edit Ends*

The van couldnt drive in directly
so we took a 10-15 min boat ride
which was covered by the tour,
deep into the floating market area.

I have seen *this* many times
but i can still never understand
how can they do all of their daily routine
with just one single river.

The picture above shows a local
washing his armpits
and brushing his teeth in one single river.

At the higher end of the river,
there was a boy
dipping his naked body in the same river
along with his pet dog. O_O

Maybe im spoilt. -_-


It’s so beautiful.

I love the colours.
I love the people bargaining.

Best of all,
I love the smell of the local hawkers.

Had an hour plus
and we decided to shop around
the market on land first
before renting a boat
around the floating market for 200 baht per person.

It prolly would have been cheaper
but we were both too excited
to get in the hustle and bustle
that we forgot to bargain. -_-

Well at least
we had the entire boat to ourself.


Wanted to get
one of their traditional triangular hats
but thought of the packing
and decided not to. -_- haha!

This was terrible.

Everyone was pushing
each other’s boats away
in order to move forward.

But we enjoyed it either way,
the longer we were stuck,
the more time we had to look at the market shops
and the more the boat ride
was worth our money. ;p

After the floating market,
we managed to catch a cobra show
just up ahead of Damoen Saduak.

They were showing how much venom
this poisonous snake had.


Some videos I just managed to upload. :)

The man kisses the cobra.

3 snakes vs 1 man.

And finally the jumping snake!

I was so afraid it was gonna leap off the walls
as you can hear me frantically screaming
in the background. -_- haha!

*Edit Ends*

And the fact snakes (or rather just cobras??)
has two penises!

You’re wondering
how they have sex huh? haha!

Yup I *googled* it too!

Its fangs!

Here I managed to upload a video
of a mongoose killing a cobra.

I never knew there was an animal
‘specialised’ in killing snakes!

Next we had some time
so we just went around the little farm.

So pitiful.

You cant really see it from this picture
but this croc’s (or aligator??) jaw
was as long as my leg.

It was so freakishly long and wide!

I honestly cannot imagine
being in the same cage with it. O_O

Next we stopped by
their famous workshop
specialised in their wood carvings.

You can send in your designs
anyhow you want it
and they will carve!

The boyfriend loves this
which they took a year to carve out
a whole big potrait of it.

Im even thinking
of getting my future furnitures from there.

Upon returning
we each tried this pork burger
for lunch from McThai
before catching our flight back to Singapore.

He bought for me
that hand-painted wooden bangle
from the floating market for only a 100 baht.


Had been rather busy trying to catch up
with my House series.

I will edit
more belated pictures soon.

I promise.

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