CNY 2014: Peanut Cookies


With Chinese New Year around the corner,
im getting excited to eat again!

This would be my first year as Mrs Sah,
my first year giving out red packets (angpaos)
and it is my first year homemaking
these Chinese traditional Peanut Cookies.

Now most recipes call for shortening
which i know can easily be replaced with butter
but there are consequences.

Shortening is 100% fat,
whereas butter is 85% fat and 15% water.

A cookie baked with butter will have more flavour
compared to one baked with shortening
but be aware that butter makes a cookie spread,
whereas shortening helps retain the shape of the cookie.

So I came across this lovely recipe by Bread Et Butter,
which definitely suited what i want.

Ive even gotten the traditional container
to store these amazing cookies!

(Based on Bread Et Butter’s recipe)

2 cups ground roasted peanuts
2 cups plain flour
1 cup icing sugar (alternatively, use castor sugar)
1 cup melted butter (alternatively, use lard or corn oil)
pinch of salt
1 egg, beaten


1) I managed to find my peanuts already roasted but if you dont, just lightly pan fry them until they are nice and brown. Becareful when frying them as nuts easily get burnt! Then ground them in a food processor until sand-like texture. (You could leave some chunks if you’d like some crunch in your cookies ;))
2) Preheat your oven to 180C. Sift your plain flour, icing sugar and salt into a big mixing bowl and stir in your ground peanuts.
3) Make sure your butter isnt too hot and gently drop it bit by bit into your mixture until you have a dough consistency that does not crumble. (I ended up having to add another 2 tablespoon of oil, just to get the right texture.) Also at this point, I would advice to use your hands as you get a feel then of the right consistency in the dough that you want.
4) Roll and push together the mixture into small balls and place them on your non-stick baking tray. Now as I mentioned if you’re using butter, the cookie spreads a little, so make sure you make a lil space for it to grow in between them and traditionally peanut cookies are bite sized pieces, so you would want to roll them smaller than a ping pong ball.
5) Using a straw or the back of your chopstick to make lil round marks on the top of each cookie. Then glaze them with the beaten egg.
6) Bake for about 15-20 mins (mine took about 17-18 mins), or until its golden brown.


Im quite aware that mine are all in different sizes
but I guess thats where I love the rustic look of
fresh homemade peanut cookies. :)

Ready to pack and to be given
to your loved ones.

They are traditionally given when we visit friends/relatives
during the festival or you can always choose to serve
in your own home for your guests. :)

Happy baking everyone! xo



This post is for my bake along with organisers:
1) Joyce (Kitchen Flavours)
2) Lena (Frozen Wings)
3) Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids)

With their bake along theme : #57 Chinese New Year Cookies! xo

baking, CNY

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