Maternity Photoshoot – 30 Weeks

Can you see her feet?!

To tell you the truth,
we were pretty lazy and dragged on
till I was almost too heavy and lazy
to do any photoshoot
but we knew we just had to do it
or we would both regret once ive gone thru
this stage.

So finally we made it happen at 30 weeks,
which was well over almost 2 months ago already!

To those who are worried
about the inversions and headstands,
I would just like to quote another experienced yogi,
that most people would think that mothers-to-be
that do asana poses like these are total daredevils
but in actual fact, we do know what we are doing
and are comfortable after practicing for a while now,
before we actually do decide to proceed with the poses
without harming our baby.

In fact, pregnant women can lift weights,
go for jogs (as long as theres no complication are present),
to avoid being overweight in pregnancy, gestational diabetes
and also to having a leaner, more healthier baby. :)

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!

Photographer: The husband, MSG.Hennwei

Baby Sah, Photoshoot

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