2015 New Year Resolution

Wow 3 posts in a day!
Thats gotta be some achievement. ;)

So its that time of year again,
that obligatory post for the New Year!

Its after all only the 5th of the New Year,
not too late for me to start making
new year resolutions now isnt?

Ive been pretty content with 2014,
altho its also the first year
ive ever been admitted
to the hospital that many times.

In 2015, i plan to:
1) Get my pre-pregnancy figure/ weight back!
2) Be the best i can possibly give to my first born and enjoy motherhood.
3) Work harder and hit KPI for the year 2015.
4) Spend more time with my darling husband.
5) Learn to relax and let things go, that are out of my control.


Happy Smurf New Year

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