The nightmare begins.

Goodness, i’d better start writing this down
before my mummy brain totally washes this over.

Where were we? *Part 1*

Yes. So delivery enough was a nightmare.
What i wasnt prepared was this next to come.

Somehow (and dont laugh) but all the prenatal classes ive gone for
has totally missed out on pointing out there would be
bloody vaginal discharge or better known as lochia
that will last for 30 days.

Obviously unaware and in a government hospital,
we had to go get our own.

We borrowed the first pad from the hospital,
and the husband dashed out to buy more pads.

They were going to wheel me to a normal recovery ward,
but i told them i was feeling a little dizzy,
so they sent me to the high risk ward,
just so they can check on me for a night
before I go home with baby the next day.

I tried to breastfeed for the first time
and it was such a weird feeling
but i remembered being more icky about
how wet i felt down there.

Within 3-4 hours after delivery,
i already wanted to change my pad.

It was full and leaking out to the bed in fact.
Hubby wasnt back yet.

So i got a nurse to follow me to the toilet
and borrowed another pad for me to change for the time being.

Last i remembered was trying to wash off the blood,
I stood up from the toilet bowl and walked out the cubical
and then… nothing.

When i “woke up”, i was on a wheelchair heading back to my bed
with 5 nurses and 1 doctor surrounding me.


To put the long story short,
I was bleeding out profusely more than i should.
I mean cmon, how the heck was i gonna know
with this being my first pregnancy?

They fed me dinner, then arranged for an early ultrasound the next day.

At 7am, I was wheeled to do an ultrasound.
They found clots. Okay they assumed it was clots.
So they tried to manually dig them out.

The pain from a torn vagina got me screaming for them to stop.

They decided for a second opinion
from a doctor.

And after much discussion, they turned around to me and said:

“Ms Chew, we believe theres retained placenta inside your womb.
We need to send you immediately the OT for an emergency operation.”

You’re joking, i thought.
You cant be serious. Im suppose to go home today.
The nightmare was yesterday. Not today! I want to go home today!

My husband was informed by the nurses
as i watched helplessly they wheeled my baby away into the nursery.

I was pale. Bleeding out. and frankly, I felt my life draining away.
There was just so much blood everywhere and i was soaking in them.

They were lifting my lifeless body from one bed to another
and god knows, where i was being wheeled to anymore,
until I saw my husband appeared above me and kept telling me
“BABY? Im here. Baby?? Can you hear me? Im right here ok. Im right here.”

Overhearing the surgeon speaking to my husband
that I have a rare condition and that my placenta
is now growing inside of me like a bloody parasite,
its called Placenta Accreta.

They cant tell how severe it is and that if they cant stop the bleeding,
I will have to remove my womb completely.

I cant even remember if i cried. I just felt dead. Inside and outside.

Everyone around me was rushing and moving so fast
as they tried to brief me that they were gonna inject me
with a spinal anesthetic and I cried when they put me up
as I remembered telling them this:

Thank you. I dont know whats going to happen but thank you.
Did you know no one supported me doing this? As in coming to a government hospital?
Everyone was so upset that I made this decision to do this alone
and now im so scared im going to die.

They told me what i already knew.
That government hospitals are more equipped for rare cases like these
and that even if i was at a private hospital,
I would have been sent to a government to be treated.

What came after was a blur.
I couldnt feel anything but I remembered feeling cold?
Or rather the shivers (most people that has delivered would know this, which is often not brought up surprisingly.)

And what seemed like a long, long time.
The surgeon walked up to my head and showed me in
what looked like a jar of bloody organs.

The surgeon explained that she has managed to extract
seven (!!!) pieces of placenta stuck to my womb
and that they have successfully stopped me from bleeding
to avoid a hysterectomy.

I was at stage 1. Stage 2 and 3 the placenta will apparently
grow into your organs, kidneys and even liver.

Disgusting isnt? I mean the one thing supplying food and oxygen
to my baby was about to kill me. -_-

After recovery, i was welcomed back to the high risk ward
by my very worried husband.

Apparently the surgeon told him procedure would take 30 mins
but in total it took 1 and a half and it was killing him
by each increasing minute.

Mum, dad and my then very pregnant sister
also dropped by to see me and the baby.

I wasnt allowed to move for 6 hours with a catheter inside of me.

To make my story even shorter,
i stayed a total of 7 days together with my newborn
alone in a government hospital.

Was also later diagnosed as severe anemic
and had 2-3 blood bags transfused
after my HB dropped to a whopping 6.2.

So 7 days stay, baby had 4 hours of phototherapy,
4 meals a day, 2-3 blood bags, natural delivery
and an emergency operation.

Guess no one believed me when I told them
my hospital bill was only RM98. LOL

Baby Sah

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