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So i was invited last week
for a complimentary customised facial and slimming treatment
with Mayfair Bodyline in Pavilion.

Seeing that ive just finished my lochia
and that ive just given birth 9 weeks ago,
this came at an absolutely perfect time for me
to tackle my weight issues and also some relaxation time
with being a new mother.

A little background info on Mayfair bodyline,
they have been in the market for 30 years now
and has leading experiences in slimming,
facial and spa treatments.

I was really impressed by the outlet’s ambiance!

Located in the ‘Beauty Hall’,
a level above the 6th floor of Pavilion,
it gives me a very grand but yet cozy environment
with warm hue lights on beautiful chandeliers hung from the ceiling
gave me the feel of how relaxing this place would be.

And im so glad that i wasnt disappointed. :)

I was greeted warmly by the receptionist
and after filling some forms,
I was being attended by a joyful consultant,
who was more than happy to provide me consultation
on my skin’s condition and also answered all my questions
on how to further improve the condition of my dehydrated skin.

She did a screen capture of 4 parts of my face:
The forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.

And im sure you can spot clearly in the picture,
the white spots are how dehydrated my skin is
and how pigmentation are beginning to be a problem
with my aging self.

She explained the facial treatment
she would introduce me to fit to my needs
and also because I had just given birth,
with severe stretch mark conditions,
she had also customised a slimming treatment for me
so that i could see instant results
with their advance technology.

A must-do selfie with big, long mirrors. lol

Im ready to look beautiful! ;p

The machine that was used on my face
was the IST Detoxification,
which helps restore the hydration on my aging skin.

She did the right half of my face first
to show me a comparison.

Can you see the big difference on my smile lines?!
And that my cheeks are also smaller
just by 5 minutes on the IST machine! Amazing!

Next up, this next machine was for the slimming treatment
and its called the CLA Chili Slimming.

CLA is the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds.
The active element in capsicum essence
can be effectively and rapidly stimulate
the decomposition and excretion of the body fat.

Another half comparison!

A chunk of my left waist is gone! yay!
(and yes dont be afraid by my tiger stripes. >_<)

Last but not least,
the HEAT Circulation which involves
wrapping your body with cling wrap
then covered with a heat blanket for 30 minutes.

The heat will help relieve any tension muscles,
improve blood circulation and help with any water retention issues,
especially those who still suffer from it after pregnancy.

The best part of this friendly yet professional service was…

… Im so glad they were so understanding
to let me stop to pump my milk and even helped
to store my breastmilk in their fridge.

So breastfeeding friendly!

Definitely a place I would highly recommend to all mummies,
who would still want a place to do their facial or spa
but at the same time like to express their breastmilk for their babies.

So happy with their service!

Thank you once again to Mayfair Bodyline
for the treatment, engaged through Nuffnang!

At the moment,
Mayfair Bodyline is having their 30th Anniversary Promotion:

For RM30, you can get any 3 of the below treatment:

Now that’s a fantastic deal not to be missed!

But wait, there’s more! lol

Im giving away 10x customised treatments by Mayfair Bodyline for FREE!
All you need to do is just comment on this post below,
stating why do you want to receive your own customised treatment.

Hurry! Comment before 10th May to win!
And i’ll announce the winners shortly after. :)


For more info, you may check out the websites below!

Mayfair Bodyline :
Facebook :
Website :


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