Salmon Fishcakes – Baby Led Weaning

A simple, nutrition snack
and easy to eat,
especially for those first trying out
baby led weaning with their babies first.

Ari doesnt have any teeth
so im constantly thinking of ways
to incorporate more veges into her diet.

The original recipe calls for just salmon and mash potatoes
but ive blended together kale as well.

1) Leftover oven baked salmon – seasoned with thyme, onion and garlic powder with olive oil. Baked in a 200C oven about 20 mins or until its cooked entirely.
2) Leftover mash potatoes – seasoned with cream cheese, milk and butter.
3) Kale
4) Some flour
5) Some water
6) Virgin coconut oil

1) Blend all three ingredients in a blender and add some water if needed to get the thing going.
2) Pour the mixture into a bowl and mix in some flour. I didnt have a measuring cup so its until your desired consistency, really. Enough for you to be able to make them into tiny patties.
3) Pan fry them with virgin coconut oil. It cooks pretty fast and you dont have to worry about them not cooked as the salmon and mash potatoes are already cooked.

They should come out pretty tough enough to hold
but melts in your mouth kind.

Doesnt even need salt for any taste.
It’s so yummy even for adults!

Happy to say she had a smashing good time. heh!


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