No 2.

Hello tiny one, can you hear me?

You are really even more of a surprise
than when i first found out about your sister.

Im so sorry we even thought of abortion
and even cried with worries when we talked about having you.

I dont even know if i could even ever see you,
as delivery will be complicated again.

Im not too sure what to do again
but i know you will be bringing us a lot of happiness
and fortune just like your sister.

And until im ready to announce to the public,
i shall be keeping this post in draft.

I never really wrote down properly on how i felt
when i first found out about ur sister.

Too fast and was so extremely excited.

But now i know i want to pen it all down.

4th -8th Dec 2015
Ive been late for 4 days.

Im poo-ing so often (like 4x a day! sorry tmi lol)
but maybe its because of the amount of yogurt
ive been taking.

Ive been taking a lot of chocolate to curb my irritability.
It was crazy i tell you, this mood swings.

No mood to eat when it comes to dinner time
and im so so tired.

I havent been able to sleep properly.
I hope its not due to pregnancy insomnia
because damnit i need the sleep whenever i can.

Been peeing frequently too.

We bought the test yesterday and tested it this morning (8th dec 2015).

I had a major panic attack in the middle of the night
during one of Ari’s feeds and just couldnt go back to bed
so i decided to take a test.

One of the tests was faulty. -_-

So luckily there was another stick inside. I tested. Negative.

Okay so im not pregnant and im late, am i that stressed out?

In the morning i went to bathroom and find a very faint line
and told the husband to run down to get another kit.

It took almost 15-20 mins for another faint line to appear.

This is almost unbelievable.
Im pregnant again for the second time.
In a span of two years. -_-

Sigh. I did say i miss being pregnant tho. lol
But im sighing because theres so much to think about,
we will have to move house soon and with a toddler,
this will definitely be challenging.

Im definitely a bit more chillex in this pregnancy
but lets just hope the morning sickness never comes. lol

Baby Sah

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